The Puredry PDDW12200 Famous Wi-Fi dehumidifier features the new Japanese Zeolite Regeneration dehumidification technology with sophisticated software, LCD screen and Wi-Fi connectivity

The Puredry PDDW12200 Famous Wi-Fi dehumidifier covers spaces up to 150m² in mainland Greece and up to 100m² in coastal or lakeside areas where relative humidity levels exceed 80% RH for a long period of time. You can configure your device even if you are not at home or your office at any time. It creates ideal conditions, and also saves energy, when you want it, through smart Wi-Fi technology. Works efficiently at temperatures from 1-37°C. It is ideal for permanent residences that are not adequately heated and have for a long period of time temperatures below 15°C or are heated intermittently during the day. For holiday homes, workplaces, caravans, boats, garages, workshops etc.

Features of Puredry PDDW12100 Famous Wi-Fi Dehumidifier


Absolutely Quiet

Desiccant technology offers immediate moisture management. It also contributes to low volume. It ensures a clean and healthy environment in your space for you and your family, free from dust particles and unwanted microorganisms, with the lowest noise level. In addition, the Low mode during the night or at times that require absolute silence does not create the slightest disturbance.


Wi-Fi function

It allows you to set up and monitor your device even when you are not at your home or office. Enjoy ideal conditions and create the environment you want, when you want it, through smart Wi-Fi technology.

smart icons

Fault self-diagnosis

In the event of a problem or unusual behavior, the unit will display the error code on the screen, immediately informing you of the failure, so that you can proceed with troubleshooting and immediate repair if and when necessary. You should carefully study the accompanying manual in order to be informed about the correct operation and maintenance of the device.

4 state

Air Purifier

The Puredry PDDW12200 Famous Wi-Fi in addition to high quality dehumidification also provides air purification through the included Carbon filter or the optional Hepa-Carbon air filter. In addition, it has a very powerful Plasma ionizer. The positive and negative ions released enrich the air, trapping dust, suspended solids and bacteria. The HEPA sterilization filter captures 97.79% of suspended particles. These combinations provide your space with clean air free of germs, dust and unpleasant odors. The leading Hepa-Cabron filter has the ability to eliminate unpleasant odors, chemicals, viruses, germs and prevents particles larger than 0.1 micron from passing through the device.

smart save enrgy

Smart Save Energy

It saves money and energy with the smart save energy function.
When the relative humidity target we have set is reached, the dehumidifier stops working for 30 minutes (standby mode). Then the device starts to operate the fan for 5 minutes, in order to check the relative humidity levels of the room. If the relative humidity has increased above the desired levels by 3-5% the dehumidifier will start working again in the default mode. If the relative humidity of the room is below the desired levels, the dehumidifier will stop its operation again for another 30 minutes. Continuous and repeated 30-minute breaks will ensure a more economical operation rate of more than 30% in the long term.

hi performance

High performance

The Puredry PDDW12200 Famous dehumidifier is designed to perform at peak performance even in the toughest conditions. Due to the fact that it works with resistors to achieve dehumidification (drying of the zeolite), it returns the consumed energy to the room in thermal form, which is why the outgoing air is 10-14°C warmer than the incoming one. This has the effect of helping to heat the space especially in the winter months when the needs for heating are increased. The high rates of air recycling (150m³/h) in combination with the excellent absorbent capacity of the dehumidifying material “zeolite” result in the rapid collection and liquefaction of excess moisture from the room’s atmosphere.


Clothes Drying Function

It dries your clothes hygienically and economically with the clothes drying function. All you have to do is place the dehumidifier in a room or bathroom (closed door). Place the clothes at a distance of at least 30-40 cm from the dehumidifier. Select the laundry drying mode. The dehumidifier dries your clothes enhancing the feeling of freshness and clean air in the space and on your clothes.

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Light Humidity Indicator

Direct and accurate control of the humidity level in your space thanks to the integrated electronic sensor. Find out about the humidity levels in your home or office at a glance and adjust the operation of your dehumidifier. Through the light indicators on the water container with reflection on the floor, you know whether the humidity of your space is at an excellent, good or burdened level.


ECO mode

It reduces power consumption and saves money and energy. With the Low mode, the device works more economically and the consumption is reduced by half. Saves money and energy, thanks to the smart dehumidification function. The dehumidifier automatically selects the ideal room humidity levels depending on the room temperature, thus ensuring low power consumption and excellent conditions in your space.


Ionizer function

It ensures a healthy and clean atmosphere in your space, with an absolute sense of freshness as when you are in nature thanks to the built-in Ionizer. The way in which the Ionizer neutralizes harmful particles in the atmosphere results in the creation of a cleaner, healthier and fresher environment, free from pollutants, dust, unpleasant odors and microorganisms. By activating the function of the ionizer, a large amount of positive and negative charged ions are released into the atmosphere, forcing suspended dust particles, bacteria, cigarette smoke to disappear. You will be surprised by the noticeable difference in the air quality in your space and you will discover new levels of comfort and relaxation. At the same time, it cleans the air from chemicals and unpleasant odors.

Three Stage Filter

The Puredry PDDW12200 Famous Wi-Fi dehumidifier uses a 3-stage filtration system. The pre-filter removes larger contaminants, e.g. dust, lint, hair, etc. The carbon filter that retains chemicals from cigarettes, harmful substances from smoke and unpleasant odors. The optional HEPA 11 filter removes 97.79% of particles down to 0.1 micron in size, helping to remove dust and germs, ensuring excellent air quality in your space. Enjoy clean air and drastically reduce your chances of developing allergies and illnesses from particles like pollen and other allergens.

Smart Save Energy function

It minimizes power consumption with the new Japanese zeolite regeneration technology. The device has sophisticated software with the Smart Save Energy dehumidification function. It automatically switches off once the room’s relative humidity levels are reached and will work again when needed.

Heating Enhancement

Due to the Zeolite Regeneration technology to achieve dehumidification (drying of the zeolite) the device produces hot air, the consumed energy is returned to the space in thermal form, which is why the outgoing air is 10-14°C warmer than the incoming one. This has the effect of helping to heat the space, significantly reducing costs, especially in the winter months when heating needs are high.

Silent mode

Famous series dehumidifiers are specially designed to operate in absolute silence. Select the low fan volume “Low” and the dehumidifier will operate at the lowest noise levels. In this way it ensures healthy air free from moisture, dust and suspended particles. Extremely useful in the evening hours in sleeping conditions.

Wi-Fi function

Set up and monitor your device even when you are away from your home or office at any time. Enjoy ideal conditions and create the environment you want, when you want it, through smart Wi-Fi technology.

Features of PDDW12200 Famnous Wi-Fi Dehumidifier


Minimum Weight

A feature of the Puredry PDDW12200 Famous Wi-Fi dehumidifier is its minimal weight. Due to the high quality of the construction materials and the desiccant dehumidification technology it has, the dehumidifier weighs only 6.8 kg.

αρχείο λήψης αντίγραφο

Automatic Restart

With the Automatic Restart function, you don’t need to worry about the power failure, since the PDDW 12200 Famous dehumidifier will in this case continue its operation from the point it stopped as soon as the power is restored, offering ideal conditions in your space!

children lock grey

Child Lock

The device is not recommended for use by minors. Functions can be locked to prevent children from operating the device or changing its settings when not under adult supervision.


12 hour timer

You can choose the hours the product will be in operation from 1 to 24 hours. This way you can save unnecessary hours of machine operation.

smart icon

Smart Dehumidification

Saves money and energy, thanks to the smart dehumidification function. The dehumidifier automatically selects the ideal levels of relative humidity in your space and thus ensures low power consumption and excellent conditions.


Clothes drying

By selecting the “Laundry” mode, place the washed clothes at a distance of >50 cm from the dehumidifier and close the door. The PDDW12200 Famous will dry your clothes with clean air free from moisture, dust, unpleasant odors, bacteria and suspended particles.

full tank

Sound notification of full Water Container

It ensures excellent operation of your device without any worries. If the water container is not placed correctly or when the container is full, the device informs with an audible alarm and the dehumidifier immediately stops its operation. Enjoy excellent humidity levels without worrying about the possibility of leakage or overflow.


Overflow Protection

Enjoy safe operation of your dehumidifier thanks to the special overflow protection equipment. When the water tank is full, the dehumidifier automatically turns off and the Full indicator lights up to alert you to empty the water tank, preventing any leakage or overflow.


Continuous Drainage

Forget about constantly emptying the water tank thanks to the continuous draining option. Place the tube on the back of the device and connect it to the floor drain. The air water collected during the operation of the dehumidifier will be directed directly to the drain.


5 Year Platinum Warranty on all Design & Famous Series Home Dehumidifiers

The home dehumidifiers come with a 2-year platinum warranty with the possibility of free extension for another 3 years. The high manufacturing quality, as well as the quality raw materials, guarantee the flawless operation of Puredry products for many years, even in the most demanding operating conditions. This competitive advantage is our commitment, to consumers, for high quality and fidelity of our products. It covers all products purchased from Puredry Hellas EU or any of its official resellers in Greece. The warranty covers the repair or replacement (parts and labor) of components identified by the Manufacturer or its Agent as defective. To avail the free extension that comes with the home dehumidifiers, you need to enter the details in the form on the company’s official page within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Technical Specifications


Puredry PDDW12100 Famous Series Wi-Fi

Zeolite Regeneration technology dehumidifier. It works efficiently at temperatures from 1-40°C, the dehumidification capacity is 12 liters per day. It is ideal for permanent homes that are not adequately heated, holiday homes, caravans, boats, garages, etc.

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