Supersonic Industrial Humidifier
PDZS-30Z Mist Design

Supersonic Industrial Humidifier
PDZS-30Z Mist Design



Absolutely silent and economical

When the air is dry, especially during the winter, it can become unpleasant and unhealthy, leading to increased levels of static electricity, dry skin, cracked lips, and even nose bleeding. The optimum humidity is between 50 and 60% relative humidity. However, during the winter the relative humidity can fall below 20%.

The new PD Mist Design series can help with the dry air problem to achieve a healthy balance. It uses ultrasound technology because it is a simple and proven technique for safe humidification.



At Puredry we have been dealing with humidity levels in the air for many years. Ultrasonic PD Mist Design Humidifier will help you create a more balanced humidity in your environment. Low humidity can lead to a variety of conditions that cause health problems. Dust particles, bacteria, viruses, dust mites that are normally trapped by the nasal membrane can more easily be directed to the lungs when the air is drier and thus weakens the body’s protective mechanism. These invaders overload the immune system and irritate the mucous membranes, resulting in more cough and susceptibility to illness.

2 Years Warranty

2 Years Warranty

The high quality of build, as well as the quality of raw materials, guarantee the perfect operation of Puredry products for many years, even in the most demanding operating conditions. This competitive advantage of Puredry Design series humidiying products is our commitment to consumers for the high quality and reliability of our products.

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