Advanced Technology Home Humidifiers

When the air is dry, especially during the winter months, it can become unpleasant and unhealthy, leading to increased levels of static electricity, dry skin, chapped lips, and even nosebleeds (nosebleeds). The optimum humidity is between 50 and 60% relative humidity. However, during the winter the relative humidity in an average house can fall below 20%.

Dry air

Many central heating systems dry the air in our homes such as fireplaces, wood stoves, air conditioning and more. They can cause dry skin, sore throat and itchy eyes. Dry air can also increase the risk of exposure to infections and have a negative effect on those with respiratory diseases and allergies. It is not just people and animals that are affected, it is homes and furniture. A crack in wooden furniture is usually caused by a reaction to a lack of moisture in the air.


By using a humidifier we can also use essential oils (aromatherapy), which renew not only the atmosphere, but also our mood. They remove tension and spiritual fatigue and give us peace and euphoria. The “fresh” air moisturizes our skin and relieves respiratory problems. It is especially necessary during the winter months when due to the very dry air viruses and allergies are on the rise. Ideal to create the atmosphere for your baby to grow up in the “right” environment.


All our Humidifier models are using ultrasonic technology. Ultrasonic humidifiers use high-frequency oscillations to convert water into small water particles about 1.5 microns in diameter. The ventilation system releases water particles into the dry air, where they evaporate, creating the required level of humidity. Water particles appear as a steady stream of spray as they travel up and out of the device. Our humidifiers are at the same time air purifiers with ionization, they have the appropriate automations to offer you a healthy and pleasant environment without your frequent supervision, they are recommended by doctors to people with respiratory problems and to children with chanting and bronchiolitis.


Puredry PD Mist Design

The new series of PD Mist Design can help with the fight against dry air and achive a healthy balance.


2 Years Warranty

2 Year Silver Warranty on All Puredry Desing Series Humidifiers    

The high quality of build, as well as the quality of raw materials, guarantee the perfect operation of Puredry products for many years, even under the most demanding operating conditions. This competitive advantage of Puredry dehumidifying products is our commitment to consumers for the high quality and reliability of our products.